In Hungry Dragon, you play as a dragon and travel the world in search of food. Your only task is to maintain food for the dragon by controlling and feeding it. It’s as simple as that, but can the player satisfy the dragon’s wish? Due to their constant need for food, dragons must always be on the lookout for prey to ensure and improve their physical strength and overall chances of survival.

Hungry Dragon


A lot of prey suddenly appeared, and the dragon quickly devoured it. The player must complete the levels and avoid the dangers and pitfalls within them. Unnecessary contact ends the game. Therefore, players will need to concentrate on controlling the dragons. Fortunately, dragons have plenty of delicious prey at their disposal. Finding the dragon and helping it find food is only half the battle; you must also keep it safe.

Players start the game with a lot of experience to build a strong dragon player. Choose dragons to use, then strengthen them with upgrades. Only the player can feed the hungry dragon. Allow it to move to places where there is food, and it will quickly find delicious food. It would be best if you used your quick wits to accompany the dragon’s hunger as soon as possible in this exciting adventure.

Hungry Dragon


In Hungry Dragon, you can choose from a wide variety of dragons. There are only ten different dragon species, each with its abilities. After completing each level, you should upgrade the dragon to use its new abilities. You must bring the dragon there and find new clothes to dress the way you want. You can accompany and study the newly discovered dragon here. The control scheme simplifies the execution of dragon moves. This thrilling sport is played by powerful creatures called dragons.

Hungry Dragon


The dragon can soar to great heights and easily navigate any environment. You can move around and eat whatever you want in the air. Don’t let the dragon go hungry; Take advantage of this eating opportunity by gobbling up everything in sight. The game ends when the dragon dies from its wounds. Therefore, the player must ensure that the dragon always has enough food. The dragon should be allowed to eat freely in places with suitable bait and feed until it is delighted. The player must fulfill all the requirements of the dragon for the dragon to survive.

Hungry Dragon


This area should be inhabited by various creatures for the player to explore. The larger the creatures must be, the longer the dragon can survive in their presence. The game’s goal is to find the dragon and feed it as much as possible. There are also a lot of potentially dangerous creatures. Players must exercise caution when eating and drinking to keep their dragons from devouring potentially hazardous enemies. Secure the dragon and, if possible, keep it alive. Be aware of the strange behavior, so you can help the dragon avoid danger. If the dragon is eaten, its blood supply will be depleted.